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Andy's Daily Headspace - Wednesday 9th February

Posted on:09/02/2011 06:23:22

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Although I’m still playing catch-up with technology, I like to keep an eye on what’s going on with it all - especially in App Land. My latest favourite is the 'Catholic-Church-Approved' "Confession App". I’m not kidding, just when you thought that there was an app for everything, along comes a new one which can absolve you of all your sins with just one simple push of a button on your i-phone. Android user? Sorry, you’ll have to hold off from doing anything bad for a little longer as the Android version is still in development.



Described as “the perfect aid for every penitent”, the app apparently offers tips and guidelines on how to best confess. Now as I haven’t actually used the app, or even seen it for that matter, I should probably hold off from making any judgement. Probably. But yet so tempting to go there...


It does bring up some interesting questions though. Feeling ok about the things we regret is not always easy. They tend to go round and round in the mind, reappearing at the most inconvenient of times. Everyone will have their own way of dealing with these thoughts and feelings - at least you’d like to think so. It’s just that often these strategies are not all that effective. I regularly talk with people who are still carrying the weighty guilt of things they did in their childhood, which even as adults they are unable to let go of.


Regret is important of course. To pause and consider what’s been a cause of happiness and what’s been a cause of hurt is vital if we want to live a better, happier life. But equally important is the ability to let go of those things, to recognise that once we’ve done all that we can to repair the damage of a situation, it makes sense to leave it behind. After all, how can we live in the present moment if we are always thinking about something that happened in the past? 


So, rather than carry the weight of the past around on your shoulders today, put it down and see how it feels. It might feel a bit strange at first, especially if you’re used to carrying it around all the time, but give it a while to see how it feels - you never know, you might even like it!  So, are you still holding on to something you’d like to let go of? And if you are what's preventing you from letting go?





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