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Nick's Headspace: Meditation and the brain super fun super fact 3

Posted on:02/02/2012 13:12:00

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Mindfulness Changes Your Brain Part 3 – Insula

Do you ever make decisions with your gut? Do you think being aware of your emotions is important? Do you think understanding other peoples emotions is important? If so, thank your insula, as it helps you to do all these. Our insula is involved in awareness of our internal bodily sensations, our emotions and the emotions of others, abilities at the very backbone of Emotional Intelligence and good relationships. Neuroscientists from Harvard have found that mindfulness physically increases the size of this area in the brain, which may help explain why psychologists have found mindfulness to increase empathy and the satisfaction of couples’ relationships. So, if you want to be more “IN-TUNE” with others then spend some time working your “IN-SULA” with mindfulness ( I know, I was reaching there – if can think of a better play on words, then please let me know!!)

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