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Sci-ning off from our Facebook Headspace science fortnight...

Posted on:07/12/2012 13:19:00

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Those guys in white coats sure have been busy.

Research looking at the effects of meditation on that hard working bundle of neurons we carry on our shoulders all day has increased rapidly over the past 50 odd years. Particularly, advances in fancy neuroimaging techniques now give us a window into the deepest workings of the brains of meditators who may have spent hours or decades sitting to meditate.

The advancement of such research, and its results are important to us here at Headspace. It's important as it builds an evidence-based backbone to the time we spend sitting getting some Headspace, and we'll always use science to inspire, encourage and engage you, our Headspace community.

You may already know if you're an avid reader of our emails or social media-verse that we do the odd shout out to meditation and how it's been suggested to change the structure of the brain over just several weeks, give us clarity during the day, and help us rest better when we hit the pillow at night.

A particularly exciting area however which is gaining momentum is the application of meditation in real-life, practical settings. Over various stages of life; schools are increasingly exploring the benefits of meditation on their pupils, and organisations are doing the same with their employees.

Over at Headspace we have been working with guys in white coats to put our guided meditation app through its paces. Employees of one UK pharmaceutical firm reported significant positive changes in wellbeing, anxiety, depression and mindful awareness over 8 weeks of getting some Headspace. Pretty smart, eh?

Further trials are in progress as I write, so watch this space for hot-off-the-press news about this, as well as more golden research nuggets from us and our science pals in the near future and throughout 2013...

We hope you've enjoyed our science fortnight extravaganza, and thanks for getting some Headspace this year.

Happy meditating ... Your brain salutes you!

Tom, Head of Research at Headspace

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