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What's in a name? Competition Time!

Posted on:29/02/2012 15:15:00

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Here at Headspace we are in love with the growing family of characters who live on our website and in our app (created by the illustrious Anna.)  We realized recently that whilst they have their own personality, whilst they have accents and whilst they even have voices, they don't have names!

Mr Brain, Mr App and Mrs Pencil might work on a boring and very practical level but the faaaaamily are deserving of far more original names and who better to name them than you guys...

So here's the deal:
Once a week we will put up a picture of the character to name on our FB wall and you can suggest names for the character.  The winning name is decided by likes- whoever's name gets the most likes will be immortalized on our wall of Headspace family portraits at Headspace HQ at the end of the week (of which we will of course post a photo!)

So without further ado, may I present to you family member nr 1- The undisputed king of the digital Headspace world (presented by our undisputed king of research, Nick).

There is no name too wacky and all suggestions are more than welcome, to get involved on our Facebook page you can click here.   Can't wait to hear them!

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