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Wellbeing at Work


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Professional athletes don’t race around the track all day and all night. They take time to rest, recuperate and regain their focus.

All too often, the business athletes of today run on overdrive, leaving teams with the logistical and financial burden of absenteeism from stress, illness and exhaustion.

Keep your team on track with our online programmes. The Headspace, guided meditation technique is:

  • available online
  • available on mobile
  • easily integrated into your daily to do list

and is scientifically proven to be effective in:

  • developing intuitive decision making
  • concentration
  • creativity

and can be done anywhere, at any time (commuting, waiting at the airport, in a quick break between meetings.

Corporate meditation provides good training for the mind
Building mind-fitness with mindfulness training may help anyone who must maintain peak performance in the face of extremely stressful circumstances, from first responders, relief workers and trauma surgeons, to professional and Olympic athletes
Amishi Jha, Assistant Professor

University of Pennsylvania

Who we have worked with

Headspace provides an invaluable opportunity to learn a simple but highly effective technique aimed at teaching participants how to take control of their mental state to achieve greater focus, concentration, positivity and overall well being. I would highly recommend them to any organisation.
Joerg Floeck,
Managing Director of Global Sales at Reuters
We were delighted to host Headspace at Nomura. The feedback from the event was tremendously positive and people clearly enjoyed and were engaged by the presentation. More importantly they also found the approach highly practical and something everyone in the Corporate environment can benefit from to manage their well being.
Angus Warren,
Head of Corporate Services, NOMURA

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