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Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is quickly becoming the most recognisable and accessible way for meditation in modern living. Through guided meditation, you can quickly and easily enter a meditative state that helps to unwind and relax yourself, leading you to a clearer and calmer mind.

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Meditation can be difficult for some people to understand. Many people find it easier if they have someone to guide them through a meditation.This means that they listen to the words as someone talks them through stages of a meditation until they are able to more easily meditate and quickly learn how to do it for themselves. Guided meditation with Headspace slowly builds on the length of time that a meditation takes, starting with Take 10, then Take 15 and building up to Take 20.



Guided meditation Headspace-style...

Headspace provides guided meditation for beginners through the free meditation app Headspace-on-the-go. Andy Puddicombe, an ex monk, will guide you through your daily meditations with help on breathing, focus and freeing up the mind. Depending on which series you are on, he will also guide you through deeper meditations.

Sign up for the Headspace Journey now and access 365 fresh guided meditations that are scientifically proven to improve your brain structure and lead you to a happier self. It won't be long before you're enjoying all the benefits of meditation.

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