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Meditation Forum

Welcome to the Headspace community.
Our meditation forum lets you compare notes, get first-hand tips and give us feedback on what you think of our meditation techniques.
Have a technical query? Please email help@getsomeheadspace.com.

The Headspace Community: How it works...

This is your community and we want you to get the most out of it. Please check out our community guidelines here. If you're unable to find what you're looking for, please check out our FAQs page (link in the footer below).

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Get some... of Andy's answers

Got a question for Andy regarding your practice? Please just send it to askandy@headspace.com. Unfortunately Andy can't answer all questions, but he'll answer a handful every week and we'll get back to you. If they're appropriate, we'll also anonymously post some of your answers here on the community. Please however let us know if you'd prefer us not to. We hope to help soon.

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Get Some.. Meditation Practice

Let us know what you are finding difficult and maybe the community can help you out! If you have a specific question regarding your practice, then please check out or get in touch with Andy's Answers above. Our help team will also do their best to help you out here if they can.

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Headspace Hiccups

Here's some known issues we're currently working on. If you have further questions take a peek at our FAQs and also our Help Team is standing by to lend a hand at help@headspace.com

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Get Some ... Headspacer Insight

How has meditation helped you? Has it affected your relationships? Changed the way you approach your work? Share your experiences and what Headspace resources you found useful by telling the community how meditation has made a difference to your life.

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Got some Feedback?

Got some feedback or suggestions for our product or Headspace Journey? We love hearing them, so please just email us at feedback@headspace.com and we'll ensure they get heard here at Headspace HQ! Thank you.

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Give some ... Beginner's Tips

We all know it can be a struggle to keep on trucking with your daily practice. What tips could you share with other Headspacer's who are just starting out?

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Getting started on your Headspace journey and Taking 10 for the first time? Ask questions and let others know what Headspace resources you've found useful.

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Congrats on taking the next step on your Headspace Journey! Chat Take15 with other Headspacers here!

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Another technique and another step on the Journey- hows Take20 treating you?

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Discovery Series

Like being Indiana Jones in your own mind... kinda cool right?

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Mind Series

Your Mind explored in 40 days- how is it for you?

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Creativity Series

Get creative! Get tips and advice around this series here

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Heart Series 1

Putting our hearts on the line- Just how does that work for you?

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Heart Series 2

Giving it even more heart. We heart it.

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Happiness Series

Get happy, for real...

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Smart Series

Taking off the training wheels, whats that like?

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