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Learn How To Meditate

There are a whole heap of reasons why learning how to meditate should go on your to-do list (somewhere near the top, we reckon). The benefits can impact so many areas of our physical and mental wellbeing – from calm and clarity to health, habits and even our relationships… the list is endless. Over time meditation can even change the structure of the brain to help us cope rather better with life.

How it works
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  • Find out how to meditate, feel happier, sleep better and beat stress.
  • It's as easy as signing up for our free trial, sitting down, and pressing play. Then just sit back and relax as Andy guides you through a simple process making it easy to learn how to meditate.
  • Log in online or through our free Headspace-on-the-go App (IOS&Android) and get your Headspace how you like it - anytime, anyplace, anywhere.
  • Research has shown that brain activity begins to change within just a few days of learning to meditate decreasing stress and improving your mood.
  • Access over 365 days of unique content with a new meditation every single day and lots of support. Whether the focus is on calming the mind, increasing creativity or improving relationships, you'll find it here. 
Get started on your journey now for free


Access to 10 unique Headspace programmes

Follow our day-by-day training programme for the mind, from Take10 all the way through to the SMART series. 

— Take10

Get a good taste of Headspace over 10 days

— Take15

Get a little more Headspace over 15 days

— Take20

Get even more Headspace over 20 days

— Discovery Series

Find out how your mind works over 40 days 

— Mind Series

Explore beyond your thoughts over 40 days


Expand your imagination over 40 days

— heart series 1

Discover a kinder, friendlier mind over 50 days

— heart series 2

Transform your relationships over 50 days

— happiness Series

Experience genuine fulfillment over 40 days

— SMART Series

Learn how to meditate on your own over 60 days

ACCESS TO over 270 hours of unique content

For you to follow and play with.

365 Unique daily guided meditations

Led by ‘the expert’s expert’ (The Times), Andy Puddicombe.

essential motivational support

To ensure you get the maximum benefit from the Headspace Journey.

How to meditate... 

Getting started on your Headspace Journey couldn’t be easier – sign up for our free trial today and learn the basics of how to meditate.


Get started

Regular fresh and inspiring podcasts

With great ideas for squeezing a little more headspace into your normal everyday life.

updates of the latest scientific research

Stay in the know, with all of the hard facts on how and why meditation can benefit you.

super helpful daily reminders

A friendly, daily, email nudge (if you'd like it), to keep you on track.

Access to The Headspace Community

You will get membership to the world’s largest (and quite possibly friendliest) on line meditation for beginners' network – the Headspace Community.

And it’s All available on-the-go!

Use the extra features on the FREE Headspace meditation app to get ‘mindful’ buzzers, our super timer and even a GPS function to ensure you always have Headspace to hand.  Available on iPhone and Android (other platforms coming soon!).

Don’t just take our word for it though.  Why not hear what other users have to say about the benefits of meditation and how it has worked for them...

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