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What is mindfulness?


Mindfulness or to be mindful means to be present in the moment, undistracted. It implies resting the mind in its natural state of awareness, which is free of any bias or judgement. 

This is in contrast to how most of us live out our lives, which is to be constantly caught up with all the little (and big) thoughts and feelings, and to be critical and judgemental of ourselves and others.

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How do mindfulness techniques help?

Mindfulness comes from taking a calm, quiet and honest look at our selves, to notice and become aware of what is happening in our body, our mind and the world around us. 

If we take the time to slow down from the hectic pace of modern life and focus on aspects we would normally rush through and take for granted, we can better appreciate the good times and navigate more easily through the bad ones. Through mindfulness, stress and anxiety can be looked at objectively and solutions better formulated.

Through the continued practice of mindfulness meditation, we better hone our meditative skills and retrain ourselves to naturally and more easily see the positives in life. What frustrates us becomes more obvious and we can better address any anxiety we might be feeling. Instead of running blindly with these emotions looking for resolution, with mindfulness exercises we can identify a clearer, calmer route to peace of mind, greater wellbeing and ultimately, happiness.

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