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Which kind of meditation is Headspace based on?

There are loads of different kinds of meditation, and loads of different names for each approach. Generally, though, they fall into one of two categories (although there is considerable overlap):                                                    

– Calming meditation

Calming meditations tend to involve concentrating on one particular object, such as the breath, a mantra, a visualisation, a physical object, or even physical sensations within the body.

These techniques, as the name suggests, tend to result in a quieter, more peaceful state of mind. They can also help to boost concentration.

– Insight meditation

Traditionally, insight meditation was aimed at transforming the mind — in short, developing wisdom and compassion.

The Headspace techniques combine elements of both calming and insight meditation to bring about greater calm, greater clarity, and improved feelings of wellbeing and happiness.

Although most meditation approaches were developed as part of various spiritual disciplines, in recent years, many non-religious techniques have been created to bring the tangible benefits of meditation to people’s lives, outside of a religious or spiritual context — like Headspace.

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