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I need more help. Can I ask Andy?

Have a question for Andy about your practice?

We recognise that training the mind can sometimes be challenging and we do our best here at Headspace to provide all the necessary tools, support and guidance to make your meditation and mindfulness practice both enjoyable and beneficial in equal measure. 

The first place to check is our 'Andy's Answers' section on our online community. Here Andy has answered a number of questions which have been sent to him previously. 

If you do have a question about your practice which can't be answered using our online community or FAQs page, please just email your question to askandy@headspace.com

As Andy receives a high volume of emails, he is unfortunately unable to respond to them all. Because of this, we pick a handful every week and will get back to you with an answer from Andy. 

When getting in touch, please also just let us know if you're happy for your anonymised question and answer to be used on our 'Ask Andy' community section which can be found here.

Please also note that if you do ever experience any extreme psychological or physical reactions to your Headspace, we suggest you pause your practice immediately and seek professional medical help. 

Thanks for your patience, and we hope this helps. 

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