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I can’t find the time…

It’s always a bit tricky to adjust your routine. But look at it this way — it’s less than 1% of your entire day. And it might just be the 1% that shifts the other 99% in a more positive direction.

It's also important to consider your motivation behind why you want to spend time getting some Headspace. 

As Andy suggests:

'It's important to look at the 'why' first and foremost. By this I mean your motivation. For example, we don't forget to eat, or have a shower, or to watch our favourite tv show. The first one is important to us staying the healthy, the second one is important to those around us and the third one is very enjoyable...and this is why we remember and feel convinced to continue. If are not fully convinced about the benefits (and let's face it, it can be tricky to quantify the benefits of an intangible mind sometimes), it is easy to put it off. Likewise, if we are not really clear how it benefits those we love when we feel calmer, then it is easy to brush it off. And lastly, if we view meditation as a chore, rather than a treat, then it will quickly drop off the radar. So...know your motivation and, as they used to tell us in the monastery, remember to meditate as though your life depended on it :)'

Another way to strengthen your motivation is to watch your relationships day to day and see how often a wandering mind, a distracted mind or an irritated mind gets in the way of clear, calms and kind communication. Witnessing this in this way can often inspire us to take out 10 minutes a day or so, as becomes something bigger than ourselves.


There are some practical steps we can take too in developing our mindfulness practice. Try attaching it to another activity you already do, like brushing your teeth in the morning. That way, you'll be more likely to do it. I'd also encourage you to try and do it at the same time and same place whenever possible, as that helps too.

For more help on this question and many others, please check out our videos from Andy on our YouTube page here.


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