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What happens once I've subscribed?

Once you've subscribed to the Headspace Journey (thanks for subscribing by the way!) you will first of all get an email from us and you will get an email from Worldpay confirming your purchase.  After this you'll be able to login normally into your Headspace account where you can access the rest of the Headspace Journey.

In your account, you should now see the 10 unique programmes in the box underneath the audio player are fully showing- although you'll need to first work through your current programmes to get to later programmes on the list.  

Your Headspace Motivate, Headspace Active and Headspace Extra will now start to collect all the exciting bits and pieces that we'll be sending as part of the Journey to help you along the way.  You'll have fresh and exciting bits of content delivered regularly like: other Headspacers' experiences in the form of Beginner's Tales, Andy's Tips giving you tips and advice in your practice, scientific quotes, illustrated quotes, videos that go into more detail on the science of meditation and the Headspace podcasts which help integrate the practice into your everyday life.  

You will also be able to access your Headspace Journey on your Android or Apple iOS App. For more details on this, please check out our app webpage

* To ensure that your subscription is 'pushed live' to your app, please just re-login to your app after purchasing a subscription through our online shop store. This will ensure that Take 15 and the rest of the Journey are unlocked. *

Thanks again for getting some Headspace and happy meditating!  

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