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What happens once I've finished the '365 Journey'?

Our digital subscriptions give 'access' to our '365 Journey'. This programme is designed to be done just one a day over the course of a year, so if you purchase a subscription longer than a year or re-subscribe, then you will continue to have access to this programme. 

If you have completed all 365 sessions, then Andy has some guidance on what to do next and how to develop your practice further:

If you have finished the 365 day journey and feel confident in your ability to sit in silence, then I would encourage you to do at least 30 days of daily practice, sitting in silence and getting used to not being guided in anyway at all. Following that, you may like to continue sitting in silence, or you may prefer to return to one of the series to repeat it. You will find that the different series' change every time you do them. The exercise is the same, but your perception will be different and the subtleties of the technique will become more obvious. You can then return again to silent meditation following that series. This cycle can be repeated as many times as you like. 

If you have finished the 365 days and do not feel confident in continuing with a silent practice, then simply choose your favourite series and repeat it again. As before, you will discover new things about the technique and new things about your mind through doing so. 

The exciting news is that the release of the our new Headspace Journey and product is just around the corner. We've listened to you, and have made loads of changes to the current product to make your Journey and Headspace practice more useful and easier to learn. Features include giving you more control over the sessions and packs you want to learn, as well as our 'Silent' packs to encourage you to practice more independently. We've also included loads of new motivational features to help you sit every day, and feel the benefits of getting some Headspace. 

To find out more, keep an eye on our online social channels and we hope you enjoy it!  

For now, thanks and again and well done! If you do any have further questions, then please check out our online community pages. 

Happy meditating!

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