1. I've forgotten my password Register

I've just received a gift

How do I redeem my gift?

To get started with your Headspace gift subscription, just go to your gift email from us and enter your unique gift code on our homepage where it says 'Promotion or gift code? Enter here'. 

You will then be taken through to a webpage to register and get your account set up. 

Once this is done, you're all set to get your Headspace from the 'My Headspace' page or using our on-the-go mobile app.


How do I know how long it lasts?

The length of your Headspace gift subscription can be found in the original email your received from us. 

Our gift subscriptions give either 3, 12 or 24 months worth of access to the Headspace Journey. Our 'forever' subscription can also be gifted. 

If you wish to continue your Headspace subscription after your gift expires, you can just re-subscribe by purchasing a subscription through our online shop page. 


Do I need a Headspace account to get started?

No, you don't need to have an existing Headspace account to redeem your gift subscription. 

To get started, just follow the instructions in your gifting email to redeem your code on our homepage and then create an account on the webpage which then opens up.


What happens if I already have a subscription?

If you already have a running subscription with us, this will be 'overwritten' when you redeem your Headspace gift. 

Therefore, If you already have an annual or 2 year subscription, the best thing to do will be to wait until this subscription has ended and then activate your gift code. Your gift code will not expire, so it's OK to just keep hold of it.   

If you have a monthly subscription with us; please cancel this by accessing your Worldpay account, wait until your months access stops, and then activate your gift code. Details of how to access your Worldpay account can be found on this FAQs page


Further questions?

For any further questions around getting started or your practice, please just check out our FAQs and Community pages. 

If you do experience any problems with this, please contact our help team at help@headspace.com. 

We hope you enjoy your Headspace Journey! 

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