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Cancelling my monthly subscription

We're sorry to hear you're looking to end your monthly Headspace subscription. 


Have questions around your practice? Please check out our videos page to see if this can help you get back on track. 


Alternatively, you might find some support from other Headspacer's on our 'Community' page. 



To cancel your monthly cancel anytime subscription:


1. go to your ‘my account’ page and scroll to the bottom


2. click on the Worldpay Payment Portal Link


3. login with your Worldpay account details, if you’ve forgotten these not to worry, you can find them in an email Worldpay sent with subject: WorldPay CARD FuturePay Confirmation. 


Alternatively, you can have these details sent to you again and all you need is your email address and the Transaction ID, which is given to you on the receipt Worldpay sends.

From Worldpay, you may update your credit card details, as well as cancel your subscription.


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