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Meditation App

You can now get your headspace on the move thanks to our new Meditation App. Working on both Apple iOS and Android devices, this mobile meditation app makes practising simple meditation and mindfulness techniques easy, ideal for those on-the-go. 

Say hello to the Headspace meditation app

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Available now on Apple iOS and Android devices– click below to download Headspace (on - the - go)



Headspace meditation app

What do I get with the Headspace Meditation App?

The basic meditation app includes our classic Take10 programme which is free for everyone. The rest of the content is available on mobile devices as long as you have subscribed to the Headspace Journey. If you would like more information on how our subscription service works, click here.

  • 365 daily individual meditation sessions
  • 10 unique Headspace programmes- guiding you through a step-by-step training programme for the mind
  • Future meditations available for download to use anytime, anywhere – super helpful if you are going away on holiday and you want to avoid those pesky roaming charges
  • Headspace Motivate: Essential motivational support to ensure you get the maximum benefit from the programs
  • Headspace Active: Regular fresh and inspiring podcasts with great ideas for squeezing more Headspace into your daily life
  • Headspace extra: Fun and exciting content sent to you on a regular basis
  • Meditation reminders that you can set to keep you on track with your practice
  • Random intermittent 'mindfulness buzzers' throughout the day to check in with yourself
  • Reports of your progress throughout the programmes
  • Exclusive partnership content with the Royal Parks Foundation – includes free walking meditation podcast


What do our users say about the Headspace meditation app?

When we were planning and designing our new app we spoke to our loyal Headspace users and they told us exactly what they wanted. The common thread from all the users we spoke to was 'flexibility'. Everyone wanted to be able to fit Headspace into their lives, whenever they chose to. Even when they didn't have an internet connection.

We think we have achieved exact that with our latest version of the Headspace meditation app. Here are some of the things our users have been saying:

"Headspace is possibly the most relaxing and inspiring app I've seen on iOS yet." - App user Aanand Dave

"For once a genuinely useful app that delivers what it advertises. The latest tool from the team that is helping me a great deal calmer and mindful in a busy work life." - App user BJmacLDN

"Never wrote a review before but this is really well put together and the content is amazing.  I would have paid for this and I think this will be up there with the top apps soon! A must have for anybody, very clear and easy to understand" - App user Omniscent

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