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Stress Management

In the modern day, stress is a normal part of life. If people claim not to be stressed, we think that either they are privileged or lying. 

When so much can be done to release tension in the body, through exercise, massage, stretching, yoga etc, there are comparatively few options for ridding your mind of tension and anxiety. 

With so many people searching for answers on stress management, it's a wonder that the government has not tried to do more to help its people manage their stress better and more effectively,

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What Is Stress?

Stress can most simply be broken down into the release of the chemical cortisol in the brain in response to a testing situation. Where this might have been useful thousands of years ago when simple man encountered a bear, today's problems are much more complex and long-term, meaning the situation last much longer than a fleeting encounter with a bear and so the response is the continued release of cortisol into the body, which can grossly affect our mood and outlook. In modern life, stress is an ongoing long-term problem with many faces. 

Whether it be work, family life or just day to day worries, stress is an ever-present force in modern life. It is time for an effective and easy to adopt form of stress management to free people from their stress.

How Can Mindfulness Help With Stress Management?

Mindfulness is proven to help with stress relief, with weighty scientific research to back it up. Currently, Headspace is partnered with Yale University's School of Medicine and the results from their research into how meditation can relieve stress are astonishing. That is why we are making it our mission to provide people with an easy to use, portable and cost effective method to reduce stress and beat anxiety.

Through listening to the Headspace podcasts, which feature guided mindfulness meditations from Andy Puddicombe, an ex monk, you can help beat stress from your life and gain some perspective, some clarity and some head space, which will help you better make decisions as well as help you appreciate the things in your life.

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