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Meet the team

Among our numbers are a reformed marketeer, science guys,
digital whiz kids and a former Buddhist monk.

Setting off to become a monk at the age of 22, Andy's meditation training took him all over the world, culminating with full ordination at a Tibetan Monastery in the Himalayas.

Ten years later, Andy returned to the UK with the singular wish to demystify meditation, to make it accessible, relevant and beneficial to as many people as possible.

And thus the seeds of Headspace were sown.

Things you might not know about Andy...

When Andy finished his time as a monk, he did what all ex-monks do...he went back to university and did a degree in Circus Arts! Although these days he seems more interested in surfing and snowboarding than acrobatics!

Find out more on Andy Puddicombe

Rich is the driving force for all of our exciting ventures around the world. A former marketing exec, he has more great ideas than we know what to do with. With a strong social mission, a passion for meditation, and a flair for making things happen, we like to think of him as ‘the man who can’.

Having spent many years working in ad-land (leading the accounts of some of the worlds most famous brands) Rich decided it was time to direct his creative talent towards something he felt genuinely passionate about (not that he didn’t feel passionate about deodorant and washing powder of course). Fortunately for us, his real passion just happened to be meditation.

Things you might not know about Rich...

Rich is a massive fan of off-piste skiing, and is hoping to add the Himalayas to his list of conquests in 2012. Away from the slopes, Rich was featured in the Top 100 influential media people in the UK. But we love him more for his commitment to the powder.

Shona is our all-round team ringleader. She makes sure that everyone’s a happy Headspacer, and that everything’s happening at the right time and in the right way. After a law degree at Oxford University, (where she decided that a future of books was just not for her!), she spent many years as a busy, jet setting Events Producer, working with some big blue chip clients across the globe. Shona was passionate to find the missing link; the key to sustaining a busy and fast paced lifestyle in this day and age. She did. And mindfulness did the trick. So now the passion is to spread the message; finding the perfect practical Headspace solution for everyone.

Things you might not know about Shona…

Shona's a dab hand with a machete. She spent 2 months living in the jungle in Belize in nothing but a hammock strung between 2 trees. If you need someone who can make a fire from 2 sticks, teach you to wash in a puddle or walk in the dark, she's your girl.

With her firsthand experience of the incredibly awesome effects of meditation, when joining Headspace Maria did everything and anything to help the project grow. She has been around since the start and has seen her role develop into handling many of the digital bits and pieces that make Headspace tick. With her background in charity work she is also heading up the Headspace foundation, aiming to help those who need it most around the world.

Things you might not know about Maz...

Her other passion being music, sings in an acoustic 90’s rnb band. She knows all the words (including the rap-bit) to Montell Jordan’s ‘This is how we do it’ and is not afraid to let anyone know.

Louisa manages all of our offline production- managing our events, keeping a beady eye across all of our video, audio and TV projects, and managing Andy’s ever increasingly busy diary and time! Previously an assistant producer working in the television industry, she began to feel her passions really lay in making people’s lives a little easier in ways other than cups of coffee and promises of 5 minutes of fame. A passionate advocate of all the wonderfulness mindfulness can bring, she knocked on our doors and in she came.

Things you might not know about Lou...

Louisa is also a trained masseuse, with qualifications in holistic massage, seated acupressure massage and Indian head massage. Alongside our daily ‘take 10’s’ it’s not uncommon for us to take turns for a little shoulder rub now and again.

Dr. David Cox, our Chief Medical Officer, is responsible for overseeing all the science and medically-related research work that Headspace is involved in and spreading the word that mindfulness meditation is really really good for your body and mind! David is a qualified doctor with a wide range of experience spanning several years working in a central London Accident & Emergency department, and then moving on to healthcare system design and management, as well as extensive management consultancy to the healthcare sector, and an increasing focus on mental health.

Things you might not know about David...

David is a singer in a big choir and makes stereo systems from scratch as a hobby. The music is strong with this one...

David Cox

Tom Freeman

Tom manages our customer support team and help resources, so he's your guy if you need a hand finding your way around the world of Headspace. Tom joined us after returning from a few months globetrotting, where amongst the odd skydive, he discovered the wonders of mindfulness based meditation.

Things you might not know about Tom...

Tom's been seen behind the drum kit of various jazz bands over the years, as well as the odd triangle in orchestras. One of his first jazz gigs was paid for in left-over cheese, which reminds us, he also has some pretty awful cheese-related jokes up his sleeve…

Anna Charity is the Headspace illustrator extraordinaire. She is a London-based designer who specialises in all things digital and is the proud parent of the animated Headspace family members dotted around the Headspace website. Anna's many other skills encompass art direction, animation, app design, game design and facebook campaigns - wowsers!

Things you might not know about Anna...

Although she might not agree, we think Anna's true talents lie with the many voices she creates for her characters she is working. Truly varied and completely ridiculous, we are still trying to think of a way to include these on our site!

Lucinda is an Exercise Physiologist and Nutritionist. She’s also one of the fittest people you’re ever likely to meet! Sure, she has lots of fancy letters after her name, but we love her for her down to earth attitude, and her ability to make health and wellbeing fun again.

Formally a competitive athlete, Lucinda has spent the past 10 years specialising in the fields of strength conditioning, corrective exercise, and dietary advice. But with a passion for meditation, she’s now using her expertise to help us out with some very exciting new projects for 2012.

Things you might not know about Lucinda...

Although she’s unlikely to tell you about it, Lucinda competed in both running and cycling for Great Britain and came 5th in the World Championships in 2007. Oh, and she also just happens to be the wife of our very own Andy!

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